You’re Never Too Humble to Recognize Your Own Insignificance

God Matters. You Don't.

Here are some quotes on insignificance. I hope they will encourage your humility today. 🙂

I begin with those who love to comment on the Bible, good or bad…


I wish pastors and politicians would remember this…


Find contentment in your own insignificance knowing that God values you highly.


I don’t usually quote Gandhi, but he nails this one…


I recently heard a pastor I highly respect say: “I do not matter. God matters.” I think he is right on!

That means, what we say about God, write about God, or think about God doesn’t matter. Yet, we do it anyway. And that’s a good thing.

Dr. K

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4 thoughts on “You’re Never Too Humble to Recognize Your Own Insignificance

  1. Insignificance. That’s tough to do and be. Just last night I had the opportunity for this: Let another male vocalist shine instead of me. My initial reaction was “Hey, that’s my area of strength. I’ve got that covered!” Then the Voice said to me, “Let him shine, it’s good for him and my church.” I complimented him and gave him an ‘atta boy’. Not easy at first, but liberating at the same time. (plus it saves wear and tear on my aging voice.) Still, not what I would’ve done ten years ago.

    Thanks for the confirmation and spiritual lesson, Keith!

    • Hi Greg! Great story. Been there done that…but it’s never easy. What you did I classify as meekness. You know you’ve got the goods but you let someone else take it. You handled it like a pro. Made you think differently about yourself and the other guy, right? Good stuff!! We are not as significant as we think yet we keep doing our “insignificant” thing. That’s how it works. Thanks for engaging The UnCommon Journey and for your friendship. Keith

  2. I must say, I have learnt a lot from your blog posts. Pray for me to use what I learnt!

    May God Bless You

    • Thank you, Yodit. We learn as we practice and experience what we’re learning. Thank you for engaging The UnCommon Journey. May God bless your journey with Him! Dr. K

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