Two Thoughts On Rituals That Enhance Your Relationship With God

I have had a change of heart. I thought I’d share with you my morning ritual of solitude and prayer. But, having written a draft, I’ve chosen not to post it right now. I think it might help you. However, it’s too early in my blogging journey to present this. I think I’ll always struggle with talking about things I hold as very sacred. This is one of those. Thank you for understanding.

Here are two thoughts “rippling” from the post on ritual:

  • Time – You have time to develop set patterns centered on your relationship with God. Those who are retired and those who set their own schedules have been given the gift of time. Use it wisely for the benefit of your relationship with God. You with children at home or a schedule you don’t fully control will probably have a shorter ritual due to demands of family or job. However, you have time, too.

I had a conversation this week with a busy, young family man (wife and three young children) who works for a non-profit organization. As we discussed his schedule, trying to discover time to do some meditation on scripture, he mentioned having time in the evening when he would usually watch TV. He decided to develop the habit of scripture meditation before going to bed. This is a priority for him. He is changing his schedule and developing a new ritual to enhance his relationship with God.

  • Journey – Developing ritual for you personally takes time. Good ritual is developed as you long for a deeper relationship with the Trinity and as you diligently seek ways to know God intimately. Start with what you know and grow from there. Be open to fresh ways of relating to God. You never know how God may direct you.

Thank you for your companionship on the journey. Every day I pray for “the readers of the blog” that God’s mercy will be experienced by each of you. Please pray for me.

Dr. K

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2 thoughts on “Two Thoughts On Rituals That Enhance Your Relationship With God

  1. Thank you for sharing your heart and challenging words. I read your blog for fresh insight, which you provide well.

    I hadn’t thought of praying for you and was humbled to read that you pray for us readers.

    Will add you to my “Ministry Monday” prayer walk. Better there than on “Tough Day Tuesday.”

    • Thank you, Margi, for your prayers and sweet words. I wouldn’t mind if you included me on both days. Sounds like I’d fit in both categories :-). Thank you for reading and engaging. Since you have found fresh insight in the blog I hope you’ll share it with others. Thanks be to God for all things! Dr. K

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