Travelling On A Journey

I Am THANKFUL For Your Companionship

Dear UnCommon Journeyers,

I am so grateful for your engagement with The UnCommon Journey. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

This blog site is for you. You are eager to know God more intimately and have your life transformed in the process. I get to join your journey with God and be a spiritual companion on the way.

That is — Amazing!!      Mondo!!      Prodigious!!     And super-humbling.    Wow!

Thank you for inviting me (by subscribing) into your life.

I leave for California tomorrow for a few days. It’s my hope to publish a few posts while traveling. But, I am not in full control of my schedule. There’s also ways to schedule posts ahead of time. But, I’m not that experienced yet.

This is just my way of saying you might not hear from me as often for the next couple weeks. We shall see.

Pray for us – Rhonda & Jenna, my daughter are going with me. (It might be more accurate to say that I’m going with them.) We get to celebrate the High School graduation of “Z – the miracle man.” And, the ladies in my life get to celebrate Jenna’s forthcoming nuptials at a So Cal wedding shower hosted by some dear friends.

I hope to spread word of The UnCommon Journey to others who are as eager to know God as you are.

Thankful+For+YouThanks for loving for God!

Thanks for loving spiritual things!

Thanks for being companions on the journey! 

Thanks be to God for all things!! 

Dr. K

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6 thoughts on “Travelling On A Journey

  1. Thank you Keith! You are the messenger! So thank you for conveying the communications. Thanks be to God for you!

    • Hi Patricia. Hope we can connect while we’re in So Cal. Thanks for engaging the blog and for your encouraging support of us. Keith

    • Thank you, Brenda. Appreciate your prayers and support. Blessings to you. Keith

  2. Thank you, Keith, for your walk with our precious Lord!!! Thank you for sharing your heart– in a way that encourages us who are travelling the same road!! God is so good to me!!! I will be 96 in a couple
    months– I have needs, but God secures my moments each day, and provides all I really need!!
    I have loving family and friends– lots of time alone wwith God– a nice, comfy place to live–
    (need to forget how expensive it’s becoming!!) but, we all have the same problems to contend with!!!
    I do hope you all have a joyful journey to CA, and I’m sure you will light up that corner of America for Jesus!!! Love you in Christ!!! Helen (Logan)

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