Today Is My Birthday – See My Wish List Below (This is not quite the same post as yesterday)

Let Me Know How This Blog Has Made A Difference In Your Life

For many years, while living in Southern California, I listened to the Dennis Prager call-in radio show. Dennis is a conservative Jewish commentator on life. He had well-articulated, substantive thoughts that attracted me to listen. 

Every year on his birthday, he invited listeners to call in and share with him how much his program made a difference in their lives. He was not being egotistical. Rather, he was allowing listeners the opportunity to do what they innately wanted to do but just didn’t take the time to do unless given the opportunity. 

If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to do the same thing for my birthday.

Today I turn 62. Each person and each event of my life has moved me towards Christlikeness. I wish I had known this 50 years ago. I would not have complained and chaffed as much. However, I have a very long way to go. That’s the uncommon journey I am on. Thank you for being a companion with me. 

Here’s the one item on my wish list:

Since many of you have benefitted from The UnCommon Journey blog posts, I’d like to hear how it’s helped you. 

As your gift to me…share one way this blog has made a difference in your life. 

Click on “comments” below and share your heart-thoughts with me. 

I invite you to read the comments, too. They will encourage you on your journey. 

Thank you! 

Dr. K/Keith 

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40 thoughts on “Today Is My Birthday – See My Wish List Below (This is not quite the same post as yesterday)

  1. Your posts have helped me to be thankful in all things. Monday’s post actually tired me out just reading it!!

    • Thanks Brenda! Being thankful in all things will transform our lives. Blessings to you. Keith

    • Wow Sam! Thanks for sharing this. I am deeply touched by your openness to applying thankfulness to your situation. I am coming to realize the immense power of thanks. There is more there than we imagine. But you’ve experienced its effectiveness. Blessings to you! Thanks be to God for all things. Keith

  2. Keith, I appreciate your friendship so much and wish you a very Happy Birthday. Here is my offering per your birthday wish list: Two things from your blog have been especially meaningful for me this year: 1) the biblical value on almsgiving; I have begun giving to anyone who asks for help, following the pattern and model I have seen in you and learned about through your blog; 2) the focus on thankfulness; I am learning to be more thankful for everything, good, bad, and ugly. Thanks for your ministry to me through The UnCommon Journey.

    • Tim, your words touch me deeply. I highly value our friendship and thank God for you. Thank you for your willingness to apply these two practices to your life. As you’re experiencing, they’re life-changing. It seems both practices address our wills – we really don’t WANT to do these but choose to. And when we do, we are transformed into someone who wants to. We are changed. Wonderful! Love you, brother! Keith

  3. Dr. K,

    I have been greatly encouraged by your life…

    I have been greatly enlightened by your blog…

    I am continuing the “Journey to Stillness,” not as an achievement, but in amazement…

    Thank you for the investment to chronicle the insights that God provides from your own journey…

    May God provide you a wonderful celebration of #62!

    Coach K

    • Thank you, Jeff! Thank you for your companionship on the journey. Stillness is worth the investment of time and effort – there is where we come to know God. Glorious & humbling! Blessings to you, brother! Keith

  4. A very Happy Birthday to you, my husband. What a thoughtful gift you have requested from us all, and I hope many respond. I, for one, have been deeply impacted by your blog as it has deeply impacted you, which in turn impacts me. In the writing of your blog you have become a deeper, richer, more insightful man who walks daily with the Triune God trying intentionally to impact and encourage others to do the same. Your blog is an inspiration and source of motivation to me to practice the truths you share as I see in your life day-by-day the changes wrought by doing so. I recall conversations from our early years when you often shared a desire to become like “Enoch”, a man who walked with God. As I look at your life today, I think you have made it!! Have a most wonderful and Happy Birthday!

    • Thank you, my sweet wife. You see my life as no one else. I pray my life will, as much as possible, be consistent with what I write. Indeed, Enoch is one of many heroes of my life. His simple walk with God inspires. Thanks for making my birthday a happy one. I love you! Keith

        • Thanks Sandi. It still makes us laugh when we talk about it. It also reminds us of our own need for self-examination in light of God’s wisdom. Blessings to you, Keith

  5. I think the biggest thing is challenging me to think about how I worship and how I pray along with the positive aspects of putting more orthodoxy in my journey with Christ.

    • Thanks Chuck. Worship and prayer is what we get to do all day long – even while we “have” to do all the other things. I hope I can help you do this well. Thank you for your good words. Thank you for your friendship. You have played a significant role in my life especially when it came to God’s leading me to a “place.” (Amazingly, in Anaheim and in Ooltewah.) Place has always been important to my spiritual experience. I thank God for you (& Anita). Keith

  6. Happy Birthday, Keith. I remember June 16 about 4:45 62 years ago very well. Someday when you have time to sit and talk to me about what I’ve learned about reading your blog I can share my thoughts. Thanks, Mom I love you with all heart.

    • Thanks Mom for giving birth to me physically and for all you’ve done to nurture me spiritually. I thank God for you! Love, Keith

  7. You make me think. Not that it is uncommon for me to do so but to think in ways that I do not normally do so.
    You stretch me. Not that I am not often stretched but you stretch me in ways that others do not.
    You make me laugh. Not that I don’t laugh (my wife says not enough) but you make me laugh about things that I never found funny before.
    You make me remember. Not that I do not remember anymore but you help me remember what God has done for me and who I am in Him.
    You give me comfort. Not that I am uncomfortable much of what you write gives me comfort and peace.
    Happy Birthday Keith

    • Thank you! I am humbled by all you’ve shared. Thank you for participating in what I present. To get you to think, stretch, laugh (a surprising one!), and find comfort, does my heart good. Thank you for helping make my birthday a happy one! Thanks be to God for all things. Keith

  8. Happiest of birthdays to you Keith! You have created a very special blog. It speaks to me, through you, from Him. I can’t always read them when they are posted, but when I do, they always seem to hit the spot. You remind me of what is expected of me and also of how much He loves us all. Thank God for you Keith!

    • Hi Patricia. Thank you for your kind words. You are special to me. I am happy that what I write helps you in your relationship with God. Thank you for reading the posts (when you are able). You are a blessing! Keith

  9. Personally, you’re a great friend – for a long time – and a spiritual mentor and example. We’ve been there for each other numerous times…and it has been a blessing.

    Via this blog, you have brought me into a renewed experience of walking with ‘The Trinity’. It is a new way for me to relate to God. Not just Son-centered, but a realization and fellowship with all the persons of The Trinity.

    Thank you and Happy Birthday, my dear friend!

    • Thanks, Greg. You have caught one of the central themes of The UnCommon Journey – it is a journey with the Holy Trinity, in union with the Three. I hope you’ll allow me to continue to speak into this dynamic relationship. Thank you for your friendship over the many years. You are a blessing to many – including this old man. Thanks be to God! Keith

    I’m sure that dear Rhonda is filling in all the hopes and needs of this special day!!!
    I have enjoyed your column– it helps me to know you better, also!!
    I like that!!! We are all on this steep journey through a fallen world– and I
    have not much further to go– Of one thing I am sure– Precious Jesus will meet me!!!
    Praise Him forever!!!
    Love you both!!! Helen

    • Thank you, Helen. You are a dear lady. I will always remember you for your sweet spirit, love for our Lord, and graciousness. Thank you for reading my posts. I pray they will give you a glimpse of living heaven on earth as you prepare for eternity. Blessings and love to you! Keith

  11. Keith … nothing I read is as accessible and wise as this. I feel like I’m on a journey with you and so grateful for your taking us along. All the best on your 62nd … & many more to come.

    • Hi Frank. Your comments mean so much to me! I really try to make the posts “accessible.” The wisdom is hit and miss – perhaps it says more about you than me. (Side note: when I first thought about a blog I though of entitling it: “Unconventional Wisdom For The UnCommon Journey.” However, it was too long.) We are on this journey together, for sure. I am deeply grateful for your companionship. I appreciate you! Thanks be to God! Keith

  12. First off, happy birthday, my friend. Know how much I love and appreciate you. Many, many, many thanks for the blog site you have created. It’s actually hard to describe just one way in which your blog has challenged and encouraged me, but my best attempt at that would be to say that I LOVE the way that it directs me to a greater degree of relationship with the Trinity. You have an amazing way of taking a well-known Bible text and bringing out aspects that point to relationship with Father, Son and Spirit…things I’ve never seen or thought of even with texts I’ve read hundreds of times. At times your posts are encouraging; at other times I feel like I’ve been poked, prodded and exposed. Still, I almost always come away with a sense of being loved by God more and wanting to know Him more. For that I am profoundly grateful. Thanks for your ministry in that way. Again, happy birthday. I am so grateful for you.

    • Hi Brian. There is a select group of people whose view of who I am and what I do is highly valued by me. You are in that group. I think it has something to do with the depth and length of our relationship. Also, your receptivity plays a huge role. You get me! I treasure you and our relationship. Thank you for engaging The UnCommon Journey so welcomingly. Your words capture so much of what this blog is about. Thank you for the encouragement that you give and that you are. Love and blessings to you, Big Guy! Keith

  13. 1 – Makes me think, beyond the obvious of what I have always been taught.

    2 – Challenges my daily walk with Jesus. Has brought awareness to diversity in how others practice their faith.

    3 – Your challenge of prayer & quiet is still with me. I am getting up daily at 3:30 a.m. to go deeper in God’s Word and meeting with Jesus in the stillness of the hour and home. What a huge change in my prayer life! Haven’t missed a day since the Spirit prompted me to “go deeper.”

    4 – Your kindness in praying for our prodigal son. Beyond one of the kindest acts done in the life of this broken but trusting mom. Thank you again, Keith.

    Looking at that list, I have gained a lot in following your writing! Grateful.

    Keep on!

    • Thank you, Margi. You “signed up” early on this UnCommon Journey. It’s been a complete joy to have you on the journey with us. To read your words now, makes my heart sing in thankfulness. Your engagement with The UnCommon Journey says so much about your desire to know God. Stay faithful on the journey whether at 3:30 AM or at prayer for your son. I continue to pray for him. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being a part of your spiritual life. Let us keep on in God’s mercy! Blessings to you! Keith

  14. Keith, your blog has encouraged me to slow down and look at things differently. I really do appreciate it

    • Thank you, Wendy! God is present in all things. Slowing down helps us see Him. Blessings to you! Keith

  15. When I read your request the first time I had grand ideas of a handwritten letter. I still would rather do that, but I don’t seem to get to it like I used to… Just please know you are worth it, and one day that may happen. 😀 *HAPPY BIRTHDAY!* I do so hope it has been a pleasant one.

    Finding your blog has been a blessing to our entire family! I know I’m going to get something good to think about in my day, something that helps turn my heart to the LORD. More than once we’ve used something you’ve written around our table during devotions. I knew about the Jesus Prayer and had been wanting to make it a habit, but then… Because of your mentioning certain prayers so often it IS finally becoming a habit~for my children, too! Lastly, I dream of a time of retreat with y’all. This is such a FUN dream! I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to make it happen, but it is a joyous thing to imagine.

    OH! I’m wrong! I think my very favorite thing has been your personal responses to me. Always, always I am encouraged by your thoughtfulness and wisdom. Thank you for taking this time to commiserate, share good counsel, and point to God.

    • Thank you, Sandi. I love how you are able to take what I’ve written and introduce it into your family life. Of course, that just puts you under pressure to practice it, too. 🙂 I am happy that we get to “chat” via this comment section. May God give us wisdom to stay the course. Thank you for engaging the UnCommon Journey. Blessings to you and your family. Thanks be to God for all things. Keith

  16. Keith, Happy Birthday to you! We are the same age, though please remember that I am elder of you! I am so very thankful that God has given me 62 years. And that leads me to your posts that have made a difference in my life. You postings on thankfulness! How very needed. I have become convinced that I am a “spiritual who0sey”!! Is that a word! So very thankful for you my dear friend.


    • Hey Elder Bruce! It must be the hair ‘cuz I would have sworn you were many years my senior. Maybe it’s your superior wisdom that has me confused. You know how significant you have been to my spiritual journey. I am where I am now due to your influence and friendship. How can I ever thank you enough? I thank God for you!! I am not quite sure what a “spiritual whoOsey” is. Text me and fill me in. You are a dear friend to me, also. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life. It’s a great privilege to be your friend. I wish we could see each other more often. But, I’m glad we are able to stay in touch in the ways we do. Thanks be to God for all things! Keith

  17. Thank you thank you thank you for speaking the words I have a hard time expressing- grateful for a strong biblical foundation in evangelicalism, yet now experiencing the freedom of life with the Trinity- honest and increasingly aware of God in the everyday. Grateful!!

    And thanks so much for praying for me and my daughter during Lent!

    • Hi LuAnn. Knowing God in every day life is certainly freeing, isn’t it! He is far beyond anything we “think” about Him. It was my privilege to pray for you and your daughter. I continue to do so when I am able. Thank you for being a companion on the journey. Blessings, Keith

  18. Thank you brother, (physically AND spiritually speaking) for openly sharing your personal challenges, to which I can certainly relate. Your insights have challenged some old ways of thinking, and have encouraged me to a deeper walk with the Trinity. I love you deeply, and am praying for many more years to walk this sweet journey in your good company.

    • Hey Sis. It’s a privilege and honor to have you (physically and spiritually) on this journey with me. Thanks for reading these blog posts. They are a significant way to know me as I journey with God – and I hope help you know God better. Thank you for your devoted love for Him and me. After all, you are my favorite sister! Love to you as well. Keith

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