Reflections on a Beautiful Relationship & Wedding

Loving Relationships Are To Be Celebrated

A few days ago I walked my beautiful little girl into the arms of her new love. It was a tearfully proud moment for this father.

So many family and friends joined together to celebrate and support Jenna and Brian. Everything (and I mean everything) went smoothly thanks to the help of many. THANK YOU!! The wedding gave us cause to celebrate many dear relationships we deeply cherish.

Beauty was everywhere. You could see it in Jenna, Jenna & Brian, people, organization, planning, ceremony/service, conversations, music, and public comments. There was no drama or problems. Jesus Christ was present. Marriage was honored. People were lifted up.

With marriage as the main focus of the past months and after celebrating 39 years of marriage myself, I am becoming aware of some new realities about marriage. I will share these in my next post.

For now, here are some quotes that captured my attention in light of my relationship with Jenna. Perhaps you can relate to some of them or all of them.



Father-Daughter4                                       Father-Daughter2



Father-daughter                             Father-Daughter1

I hope you can take these to heart. Today, celebrate your deepest relationships. Don’t take them for granted.

As James Taylor says: “Shower the people you love with love.” (Click on link to hear it live.)

She grew up so fast. Love your child in every stage of life because tomorrow you walk her down the aisle.

Which quote(s) resonates most with you? 

Dr. K 



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8 thoughts on “Reflections on a Beautiful Relationship & Wedding

  1. Favorite quote: A daughter needs a dad to be the standard against which all men will be compared. ” What an awesome privilege, responsibility, and joy it must be to be a Dad!! Congratulations and blessings to all!!!

    • Hi Tom. Thanks so much!! It is a privilege. The responsibility can be overwhelming at times since we don’t always know how to carry it out. It is a joy when we stop placing undue expectations on our children. I’m speaking from experience. Thanks for engaging/commenting! You are a lovely man. Thanks be to God for all things! Dr. K

  2. “…to be the standard against which she will judge all men.”

    In light of my own brokenness, my own fallen-ness, this is scary to me. I hope she finds a young man who’s better than me, or who at least is willing to be worked on by God earlier than I was. I read that children’s view of The Father is anchored in their relationship with their own father. I have two daughters and a son, and it’s this reason that my son’s middle name is Iollan (Gaelic, “One who serves a different god”). Its a reminder to me to let them see a different Father than the one my father showed me, not out of bitterness of my own father’s humanity, but as a warning to me.

    My prayer for my kids is that God, in His mercy, sends them a spouse that learns obedience and communion with God earlier than I do and to a greater degree.

    Looking forward to your longer-form thoughts on marriage, Doc. Thanks!

    • Hey Josh. The fear you feel is a good thing. It will keep you steadfast in your journey to authentically know God. As your children see you pursue God in your brokenness they will respect you and love you for it. You don’t need to be a perfect image of the Father just a transforming one. Let them see you “mature” over time. And, keep the communication open as much as possible. You’ll be fine. The “standard” is not perfection but humility, authenticity, kindness/love, and transformation. Pray, baby, pray!! Thanks be to God for all things! Keith

    • Thanks, Tim. She sure is – inside and out. As I say to many – “Rhonda did a great job with Jenna!” Thanks be to God for all things! Keith

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