Neither Presidents Nor Protests Will Save Us

The Kingdom Is Jesus & He's Not Part Of This World's System

“My kingdom is not of this world…but now my kingdom is not of this realm,” Jesus explained to Pilate. I’m not sure all that Jesus meant by this statement. He may be at least saying that His kingdom does not come about by force, violence, or even vote. It is something “otherworldly.”

C’mon, let’s admit it. We’re messed up. We can’t see straight. So-called Christians latch on to ideas and personalities they believe will save them. They give their time, energies, and often money to political agendas and people who cannot save. Spend some time on Facebook these days and you’ll feel the dramatic cross-purposes left and right. We’re fragmented by sincere people blinded in the darkness of their self-constructed, vacuous spheres.

When you get your eyes off Jesus you see so much less. Rights become paramount. Success is idolized. Winning takes precedence. Politics dominate. The kingdom is displaced.

When blind Bartamaeus cries out to the Son of David for mercy, Jesus asks him, “What do you want me to do for you?” It’s an astonishing question. Doesn’t Jesus know already? Yet, Jesus does not push His agenda onto Bartamaeus. He invites him to enter into His work. “That I might receive my sight,” is Bartamaeus’ answer. As he is healed of his physical blindness the real healing of his heart takes place. He begins to follow Jesus. He can see much more clearly now.

It’s in your face-to-face communion with Jesus that you begin to see clearly. You begin to see that apart from Jesus, you are blind. Place your eyes on anyone or anything else and your eyes become tainted. Preoccupation with this world shrouds the True Kingdom in murkiness.

It tears me apart to see Christians so fragmented. I struggled with sleep last night. I awoke this morning burdened by the petulance and bravado from so-called Christians presented on Facebook yesterday. We’re a mess!

Jesus is about unity. First, our union with Him. Second, our union with one another. Allowing lesser agendas to control us is just wrong.

In reality, there is little you and I can do about what’s going on around us. However, you can pray. Here’s a prayer for our political leaders you can pray daily:

Save, O Lord, and have mercy upon all world rulers, on our president (name), on (names), and on all our civil authorities. Speak peace and blessing in their hearts for Your holy Church and for all Your peoples, in order that we may live a calm and peaceful life, in all godliness.

Daily prayer for your governmental leaders – local, state, federal – will go far in unifying hearts in Jesus. By doing so, we’re asking the One Lord to heal our fragmented selves and help us bring healing to others.

Dr. K 

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6 thoughts on “Neither Presidents Nor Protests Will Save Us

  1. I’m so grateful for this post, Keith. I work with a group–all of whom identify as Christians; all sincere in their hope for salvation; all messed up, just like me. I am certainly guilty of taking my eyes off of Jesus, off of the Holy Trinity, looking to something else to provide me with safety, security, and a sense of wholeness. Yet, it is so comforting to know that–for the better, regardless of who’s in power–my hope is built on an Eternal God who established rulers over us for our good.

    For those of us who are happy with the election, and for those of us who are distraught, for all of us this must be For. Our. Good. I don’t know what that means; it almost certainly doesn’t mean just ONE thing. I’d love for it to deepen us as the unified-if-dispersed present incarnation of Christ being sent to do the work of Christ in the Kingdom of Christ. Whatever that means… thanks again, Keith!!

    • Really good thoughts, Josh. Thanks for sharing. All that happens to us and around us is for our good (our salvation, actually). You are right. It’s tough to live in this fragmented and messed up world without trying to make it better. However, our calling is to something much greater. Christ, His Church, and His people can flourish anywhere. (One might need to re-define “flourish” to understand that reality!?!) Thanks for engaging the journey. I enjoy having your companionship. Keith

  2. I’m finding that prayer is the only thing that lifts my eyes from the earth to Heaven. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Amen, Pastor Rob! Also remember, God is right here in the midst of all that’s going on whether perceived as good or evil. You remind me of what the Psalmist says: “I have lifted up my eyes to the mountains, whence my help will come. My help is from the Lord, who made heaven and earth…The Lord will protect you from every evil; the Lord will protect your soul (Ps. 121.1-2, 7). Thanks be to God! Blessings to you! Keith

  3. For a number of election cycles now, I have said publicly and to several groups in which I participate that if my Christian faith is authenticated or detracted by the person that is elected president, then I do not have the faith of Jesus Christ as taught in the New Testament. I have liberal and conservative Christian colleagues, and I cannot believe the hopelessness they express as the result of the last several elections. We need to keep looking to the hills of Zion for our deliverance, not the halls of Washington.

    • So true, Greg! Thanks for sharing your situation and experience. So much of our life has become politicized. It’s too bad when so many Christians get sucked into it. Our calling in this world is something more grand and real. Washington can’t even come close. Thanks for engaging the journey. Keith

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