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2 thoughts on “Intellectual Understanding Is Overrated

  1. This is something that I have suspected for many years, but even more, so as I have come to live in London, and am surrounded by those who have been educated at such dignified portals of learning such as Oxford and Cambridge. Yet, in my humility, being only a graduate of God’s school of hard knocks, I have little to indorse any opinions I might have, nonetheless, I have met many with great knowledge of God’s word, but seemingly few with great wisdom garnered from that knowledge. Our functional theology seems to be greatly smaller than our schooling and degrees would indicate. One might almost think that until lifes experiences salt the porridge of our theology, it is impossible for said knowledge to make it into the functional theology category.

    • Good thoughts (again!) John. One’s experiential knowledge of God has as much (or more) validity as one’s intellectual knowledge. Having lived in the academic arena for so long, I’ve missed out on so much of real knowledge of God that comes in relationship with Him. Keep deepening your heart’s experience of God. That’s what is necessary. (See Jesus, Mary & Martha) Blessings, brother. Keith

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