Providing Training & Help for your Spiritual Journey

Do you sense that God is inviting you into a deeper relationship with Him?

Most “discipleship” programs address your desire to follow Jesus with your entire life. Yet, the truth is, He invites you to love him “with your whole heart, mind, soul, body, and relationships.” Now that’s a whole different (and wonderful) invitation! He is drawing you to Himself so that you might know Him in loving intimacy. This is more than serving Him or knowing about Him. It’s about relationship – He with you and you with Him. Then, in that loving intimacy, you serve Him in love, joy, grace, freedom, and wisdom.

When a God-initiated hunger for Him becomes an ongoing longing of your heart you need someone to join you and help navigate this deepening relationship. This is uncharted territory for most. I am a fellow pilgrim available to journey with you. I’m not an expert. But I provide companionship for your journey.

Through the technology of the internet (Skype) I offer you spiritual life coaching. I explore with you what God is “up to” in your life.

Contact Options:

    • Call me at 714-366-1955
    • Contact me through Skype (name: keith.alan.kettenring)
    • Email: [email protected]

If you live within driving distance of Ooltewah, TN, I can set up meeting times that are convenient for us both.

Give me a call today.

Dr. K

Coaching Fees:

$1000      1 year, one-time per month, 1-hour sessions

$ 500       6 months, one-time per month, 1-hour sessions

$ 100        per session