About Keith 1Hello! My name is Keith Kettenring, director of Homestead House, Inc. (non-profit), writer, and semi-monastic maintenance man & gardener. It doesn’t sound glamorous but what I have is a gift from God that I get to discover every day. I am a recovering pastor and spiritual formation coach with a PhD in Christian Spirituality, learning to know God in solitude and prayer. I live in the middle of nowhere, hidden away in solitude, touching the world from my office.

About Keith 2As a 16-year-old missionary kid in Jamaica, God called me to Himself and put me on a path (more like a roller coaster!) to see if I’d actually follow that calling. Have I? No and yes. But since then, I’ve had a deep desire to know God with a quiet heart and in authentic relationships. I’ve also learned that this kind of “calling” is not unique to me; it’s for you & everyone you know, too. There are thousands of people like you and me who are spiritually hungry or hurting, wanting to love God with their whole being and desiring a real sense of his presence.

About Keith 3One of the goals of this blog is to inspire and equip fellow pilgrims to commune with God in the realities of life. I want to cut through the complexities and confusion of the typical presentation about the Christian life. I’ll get to the simple, accessible, and time-honored ways of relating to God. I’m not buying that you don’t want to know God better. But, I want to save you hours of frustration on your journey to know Him.

Another goal is to cultivate authentic Christian transformation in each of my readers. Knowing God makes a difference in who you are and how you live, talk, and relate to others. I provide guidance and support for your journey. As a result, I challenge Christian superficiality and the status quo of the typical church where much of Christianity is only an inch deep and a mile wide.

Keith & Rhonda

I fell in love with a beautiful lady in college and married Rhonda in 1977. We struggled with childlessness for 10 years before we were blessed with our “gift from God,” Nate, in 1987 and then our precious daughter, Jenna, in 1989. I served in the pastorate for 26 years in two churches: Iowa (4 yrs) and Anaheim, CA (22 yrs) then entered a ministry of spiritual formation with church leaders for 6 years. Today, you’ll find me working around Homestead Hospitality House and touching the lives of others one-on-one and through the internet while learning to do everything in communion with God. My spiritual hunger has taken me many places but I am finally finding deep satisfaction in the Orthodox Christian Church into which I was received in the Fall of 2014.

I typically post three to four times every week. My posts will give you practical yet historically-validated spiritual guidance to a deeper love relationship with the Triune God.

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