A Substantial Prayer For All Of Life But Really Needed for The Lenten Season

A Prayer for Repentance & Goodness

Say this prayer with a genuine heart – morning, noon, and evening – and experience the answer. 

Dr. K 


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6 thoughts on “A Substantial Prayer For All Of Life But Really Needed for The Lenten Season

  1. For Lent we are doing a study on the fruit of the Spirit with seasonsillustrated.com. Today we began with this prayer and used it for copywork. 🙂

    I am still reading through your posts on being judgmental. I would love your thoughts on living through the judgments of others again and again with Christ’s victory. Today I woke up understanding why it’s so hard for some to hold tight to their values in faith through life’s hard knocks! TIA, no matter what. 🙂

    • Hi Sandi. Always good to hear from you. How did you use the prayer again? What is copywork (forgive my ignorance)? Are you asking what one can do when being judged by others? Keith

      • We started our family devotion with this prayer, and as homeschoolers we do lots of copywork for learning grammar and writing. Yes~I would love to know your thoughts on how to handle being judged by others. How to keep holding your head up high, not develop a victim’s mentality, become discouraged, among other ways it might affect one. Thanks Keith!

        • Fantastic application of using this prayer. May its truth sink deep into all your minds and souls. My initial thoughts on responses to being judged are simple. Since you cannot control how others behave I think there are two proper responses both taken from Jesus’ example: silence and prayer. Silence is an exercise in dying to self. You want to “hit back,” justify or explain yourself. But, it is also positive. As you enter silence you leave room for the Triune God to go to work – both on your own heart and the heart of your “accuser.” Then pray – for God’s mercy on your accuser. I am not “spiritual” enough to know what God is really up to in these kinds of situations, so I try to leave it up to Him. Asking God’s mercy to be on them is a way of trusting God to do as He will. If Jesus was not spared being accused falsely, neither will we at times. What we are called to do is love everyone, even our enemies. It takes more love, grace, kindness, and patience than any human possesses to do this. Only as God’s love transforms us are we able to love those who judge us improperly. This love can be experienced as we respond in silence and prayer. I hope this helps…even a little. Blessings to you, Keith

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