A Spectacular Calling for 2016

An Invitation to Commune with the Trinity

Are you one of the thousands who take this week to review their past year and strategize for the next year? One Bible verse got my attention in 2015 and still holds me captive into 2016. As I share this small but significant piece of my journey with you, I invite you to consider what God may be saying to you in this verse for this coming year.

You are called to a relationship with God that goes deeper than anything you can imagine. And the great part is that it is God who makes it possible. All you have to do is join in. The verse is 1 Corinthians 1.9. It reads:

God is faithful, who has called you into the communion of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

In one short sentence, you are given the source and object of your Christian faith and living. And, a spectacular calling!

A Closer Look

“God is faithful” – God is a Mystery. However, you know He is faithful from scripture and from experience. He will do what He says He will do. So, if He is faithful in granting you communion with Himself, it will happen. However, He does not force it on you. You must cooperate.

“called” – In the context of God’s faithfulness, you are in a position to commune with the Trinity.

“communion” – This is the familiar word, koinonia. It can also be translated “fellowship” and “participation.” Have you thought about the reality that each member of the Trinity perfectly communes with each another? They are always in communion with one another. They fully participate in one another. You experience communion as you commune with those in perfect communion – the Father, Son, and Spirit.

“of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ” – Note carefully that your calling is not so much to commune WITH His Son as it is to commune in the communion His Son has and enjoys. In other words, you can commune with those with whom Jesus communes – the Father and the Spirit. They are already in communion with one another. You have the grand privilege of joining them as you commune with Jesus Christ.

A New Year’s Resolution?

Can you make that a New Year’s resolution? “I devote 2016 to learning to commune in the communion Jesus has and enjoys.” Or, “I seek to commune with God in everyday life, 24/7.” That’s the invitation presented to you by God’s faithfulness.

Join me in dedicating 2016 to the pursuit of a life of everyday communion with God.

Share below if this “calling” resonates with you. How might you pursue this calling? What issues must you face to begin living out this calling? 

Dr. K 

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6 thoughts on “A Spectacular Calling for 2016

  1. Thanks for this. I think Jesus talks about this invitation to join the life he enjoys with the Father and the
    Spirit in John. It is an amazing thing to think what God offers us.

    • So true Tommy. So amazing that it may intimidate us from entering in. Are you referring to Jesus’ prayer in John 17 that we might be one with Him and the Father? The invitation to join in the life of the Trinity is what eternal life is all about. See some posts in September/October on Eternal life. I hope that you and I can know more fully what it is to live our lives in the life of God. It’s more than thinking about it. It’s about realizing it. Thanks, brother, for engaging. Thanks be to God for all things! Dr. K

  2. Thank you for sharing your personal journey. Living in the same house with the Trinity doesn’t bring me the depth of longing I crave for relationship with his design on me and my intentions on the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Deeper knowing, deeper peace…

    You inspired me to begin reading Owen’s treaty on Communion. I face the issue of deeper knowledge of God penetrating my natural instincts for fear and distrust on a daily basis in my real world reactions. I want to hunker down in an intimacy with him that goes beyond any human fulfillment I could ever desire. I want this transformational Love…new every morning, in 2016. I would love to hear more on how you incorporate this practically…

    • Thanks, Tamara. I will present more practical aspects in the days to come. But let me say initially, that the only way we learn to experience the life of the Trinity is to spend time with God…usually in solitude or in creation. As good and helpful as books are, they are limited. They may inspire us to know God more intimately. Yet reading them (and I’ve read plenty!!) is no substitute for the actual experience of being alone with God. Remember, “knowing God” is about experiencing God not primarily intellectually knowing about Him. I love that you long for intimacy with the Trinity. God is wooing you to Himself. You will find Him in your “real world” as you continue your journey in Him. Thanks be to God for all things. Dr. K

  3. Yes – I think Jesus does pray for it in John 17. I think it is the abundant life for which we were meant.

    • Amen, Tommy!! Let’s devote our lives to learning to be the answer to Jesus’ prayer. Dr. K

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