18 Amazing Secrets of the Heart

Insights for Knowing God From the Heart

I have struggled for over 40 years to know God. I remember crying out, “I just want to know You! Help me!” What I was taught in church, books, and school was to think my way into a deeper relationship with God. Accept this theory. Know these doctrines. Understand these concepts. Think and grow. I did all that and was left short of actually experiencing the reality of God. What I was missing in the struggle was an understanding and experience of the heart.

Our guide on this journey to the heart is Dr. Meletios Webber, a counselor, monk, pastor, and teacher. He writes succinctly about the heart and then describes it.

When it comes to describing the heart, words begin to fail, and the experience of silence becomes more and more important. There is no rightness or wrongness here. Here there is simply awareness.

The heart:

  • is quiet rather than noisy
  • is intuitive rather than deductive
  • lives entirely in the present
  • accepts the reality God gives in the here and now
  • does not seek to distance or dominate anything or anyone by labeling
  • begins with an awareness of its relationship with the rest of creation
  • accepts rather than rejects
  • finds similarity rather than alienation
  • finds likeness rather than difference
  • knows no fear
  • experiences no desire
  • never needs to defend or justify itself
  • never seeks to impose itself (unlike the mind)
  • is patient (unlike the mind)
  • is undemanding (unlike the mind)
  • CAPABLE OF CONSTANT AWARENESS OF GOD and we can see that awareness, even in a weakened state, whenever we quiet the mind long enough to hear the silence
  • functions at a more profound level than the mind
  • is removed from the vanity of emotion

Your heart plays the central role in your relationship with God. As you look over this descriptive list, you can see why. As much as you are told to think your way into a relationship with God, it does not work. It is in the heart that you commune with the Triune God. The heart is the place of awareness of God, not the mind. Is this why Jesus elevates children as those who live in the Kingdom? Their simple and innocent hearts know God.

Notice, the heart is not the place of your emotions. Hollywood talks like that. People describe the heart as the place where emotions dwell. “He has no heart” meaning, he lacks emotion. Or, “feelings of love come from the heart.” But, emotions are responses to thoughts. Granted, at times, the heart and mind are so intertwined it seems there are feelings in the heart.

The heart is often said to be subjective. In actuality, it is the mind, with its changing thoughts, theories, reasonings, “convictions” and emotions that is subjective. Yet, as the mind and heart are healed and unified, subjectivity begins to lessen and reality begins to be experienced. Then God is becoming real in you…and you are becoming real in God.

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Dr. K

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5 thoughts on “18 Amazing Secrets of the Heart

  1. I have been thinking about your statement–“Emotions are responses to thoughts.” As I pondered that, it hit me that I actually experienced that reality on my drive to work Tuesday morning. I was looking at the beautiful horizon as the sun was coming up. My thoughts were focused on what an amazing Creator God is and I began to think about His many blessings. My heart was truly so deeply touched and overwhelmed bringing tears of love and joy for my God.

      • I wanted to add…your experience also illustrates the power of being attentive to nature/creation. God speaks in his creation. Your experience demonstrates this. Keith

  2. This is good stuff. However, in actuality, the heart is a beating organ in your body. Its sole purpose (as God made it) is to pump oxygenated blood through your body. I don’t believe that it can do the things stated here. I think what is really meant, is referencing your essence, or spirit, or something else; the very power that makes you truly alive. This is the part that continually seeks God. It’s important because we have to differentiate between the Hollywood version of the “love giving” organ and the true life source. If I’ve got it right.

    • Hi Patricia! When I use the term heart, I really mean it as synonymous with spirit and will. So, you are right. However, our emotions do arise out of our thoughts. We can feel fear just by thinking about something that frightens us. Or, see Rhonda’s experience in another comment. Hollywood has it wrong and so do most people to think that love or any type of feeling comes from the heart. Actually, it could be argued, that love is less a feeling than we think. Love is more an action than a feeling – a discussion for another time. I use the term heart because Jesus, scripture writers, and Christian spiritual writers use it. But they also use “spirit” and “will.” What we’re really addressing is our inner person. That part of us is real, alive, and needs to be allowed to function well in our lives. It is the place where God dwells within us. That is the primary reason for my discussion of the heart. In the heart is also the only way we can live in the present moment. Thanks so much for engaging. We miss you guys! Hope all is well. Keith

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